Sunday, 6 September 2009

Handle With Care

Image Charlie Levine

Will Clifford
Conveyor: Sunday 2nd August 2009 4-8pm

It was the French philosopher
Jacques Derrida who coined the phrase deconstruction as referring to an approach (whether in philosophy, literature, or other fields) which rigorously pursues the meaning of a text to the point of undoing the oppositions on which it is apparently founded, and to the point of showing that those foundations are irreducibly complex, unstable or impossible.

It is here, caught as it were, between construction and deconstruction that Conveyor’s debut exhibition, Handle With Care, finds its home.

Over the course of four hours London- based artist Will Clifford and Conveyor’s Co-Founder Harminder Singh-Judge will construct and de-construct a house of cards within a furniture lorry. The lorry, a reference to the history of the space as an old furniture making factory, also supports the ethos of Conveyor as a vessel through which art can be transported and reinvented. Adopting an almost per formative scope, the house of cards will be continuously constructed and deconstructed. As time progresses and people enter and leave the lorry, they are invited to remove a piece from the house where Co-Founder and curator Charlie Levine, writer Naomi Gall and artist David Miller will brand the piece with a playing card and a ‘handle with care’ sticker.

Image Charlie Levine

It is the audience’s decision whether to become involved, disrupt the house of cards, or whether to leave and let the house remain constructed, complete. Whether to pursue to the point of undoing the oppositions on which it is founded or leave, content in simply being a voyeur. As time passes and more pieces are taken away, the house will become smaller and more difficult to reconstruct. Similar to a real house of cards there is a fragility to the work that is not immediately evident, as Clifford and Singh-Judge deconstruct and reconstruct on foundations that are irreducibly complex, unstable and quite possibly, impossible.

So as you leave today with your original, one of a kind, Will Clifford artwork remember the process you went through to get it and as the cards fall don’t forget to handle with care.
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