Friday, 9 December 2011

What I Had I Gave Away

Thomas C. Chung
Thomas C. Chung & Amanda Humphries
What I Had I Gave Away
Hardware Gallery: December 6- 17, 2011

Being already familiar with the work of Thomas C. Chung I expected great things from his latest show at Hardware Gallery. I was not disappointed. Beautifully framed behind glass, the collection of knitted/ crochet work looked clean & professional- although dificult to photograph (apologies for the poor photo quality). Having previously displayed his work directly onto the gallery wall, I liked the black backing and frames. It helped each work to stand alone as a piece of art and ensured a visual feast upon first seeing the individual elements clustered together.
Thomas C. Chung, Soft Water Bottle, 2011
To choose a favourite work would be like asking me which of my cats I like more- each is beautiful and unique with a distinct personlaity and emotive quality (and for the record I am not a crazy cat lady- I only have two). Chung's work has the innocence of childhood and appears like a memory forgotten. His work is so tangible that I had an overwhelming desire to own a piece but found the idea of choosing completely impossible.
Amanda Humphries

Amanda Humphries, Treasures, 2011
The work of Amanda Humphries is quite diverse. In particular her mixed media work Treasures is exceptional and demonstrates a degree of skill. The water colour pieces, Figuring Things Out, are also fantastic and I feel it is here that Humphries talent lies. For me, the water colour and embroidery work was so much stronger than the painting. While the beautiful pastel hues are maintained throughout, a safe choice perhaps, but one I actually liked, the proportions on the painted figures are messy. In general her figures appeared awkward and stiff in situations where I would imagine they would have been better more fluid. This being said the detail and contouring of the water colour pieces cannot be faulted.
Amanda Humphries, Figuring Things Out 1, 2011
I wondered at putting these two artists together in a show. Where is the connecting theme? The indisputable common element? Perhaps it is in the medium, as both artists call upon mixed media to create their work, or perhaps it is the underlying child- like essence that encompasses What I Had I Gave Away. Whatever the reason it works and is definitely worth a look.
Amanda Humphries, Movement 3, 2011
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