Saturday, 14 July 2012

Gaffa: Creation/Destruction

Phillip Mylecharane, Facade, 2011
Various artists
Gaffa Gallery: July 12-23, 2012

Creation/Destruction at Gaffa Gallery claims to bring together artists from differing backgrounds, who are brought together by the 'destruction of their home planet'. They are 'joining forces' to present their interpretation of the relationship between creation and destruction.

Phillip Myclecharane's work presents a disjointed portrait. I overheard one person describe it as 'venetian blinds' and it does bare some resemblance. There is a sense that you are standing on the outside looking in. These images are not calm or peaceful but edgy and unsettling.

The work of Clare O'Brien is delicate and beautiful. Her use of colour is precise and does not detract from the detail of the intricate ink work. With work that references Australian bush land and native flora I feel her work lends itself more to the creation side of this exhibition.   
Clare O'Brien, Bush Spontaneity, 2012
Von Rox's series is overwhelming. The vibrant use of colour and the combinations of colour are startling. Perhaps imbuing both creation and destruction, the oil paintings have some fairly creative titles such as Octopus Love and Chameleon of my dreams. While I can't exactly put my finger on why these painting appeal to me- they do. They're interesting and that's sometimes harder to find than you would think.
Von Rox, Acid Monster mouth reworked, 2012
I was really impressed by the work of Li Ka Leung. I'm of the assumption the artist is a jewellery designer, based on the work on display. Ruin Series displayed six sterling silver, black rhodium plated rings amongst debris. The rings, with their rough edges, are perfectly complimented by the chosen display and are not swamped as I would have expected. The necklaces in Beehive Series are stunning and incredibly intricate. The beeswax charms fashioned into honeycomb are gold plated and adorned with silver chains. Again, the mode of display is creative and oddly appropriate. I'm not entirely sure how this work fits within the exhibition premise- perhaps the rings are destruction, the reference to bees and honey, the creation- but for me this work was a definite highlight.
Li Ka Leung, Ruin Series, 2012

Li Ka Leung, Beehive Series, 2012

Li Ka Leung, Beehive Series (detail) 2012

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