Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tracey Clement: Plastic City

Tracey Clement, Plastic City, 2012
Tracey Clement
Plastic City
Articulate: June 19- 24, 2012

Tracey Clement collected every single piece of plastic she used within one year and created Plastic City, an actual city built from consumer culture. Over the course of a week Clement created another world within Articulate gallery and on the final day she held a closing party before the entire work was dismantled and recycled. According to the artist one of the most challenging aspects of the work was the removal of the product labels, amazed at just how much glue some companies use to ensure their brand is not forgotten. Interestingly even with the labels removed a lot of the containers and bottles are still recognisable. 

Plastic City actually provides a deeper look into Clement's personal life. For example she drinks a lot of cranberry juice and eats a fair amount of yogurt, while cleaning products are fairly slim on the ground. The exhibition gives all the knowledge of trawling through someone's garbage with none of the mess. I was actually surprised at the little amount of plastic waste the artist produced over a year- I shudder to think what mine would look like.

A clever comment on the excessiveness of consumer packaging, Plastic City makes you question your own materialistic ways and had more than one gallery-goer asking what they can do to help cut back on the wastefulness of our society.

Tracey Clement, Plastic City, 2012

Tracey Clement, Plastic City, 2012

Tracey Clement, Plastic City, 2012

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