Sunday, 12 August 2012

Alive & Well: Firstdraft Fundraiser

JD Reforma, 1000,000

Various artists
Alive & Well
Firstdraft Gallery: 6-9, August 8, 2012

There was a great vibe at Firstdraft Gallery on Wednesday night with the annual Firstdraft Fundraiser which consisted of a live and silent auction with proceeds going to the gallery. Was great to see some of my favourites up for grabs like Paul Williams, Sarah Contos, Will French, Peter Nelson & Greedy Hen. The live auction was hectic with bidders jumping in at the last minute pushing the prices up into the thousands. Lot number 15, the last of the evening, Japer Knight's I Made The Yankee Hat More Famous Than a Yankee Can, sold for $3,000, the highest price tag of the evening. It falls a mere $600 short of last years best seller Ben Quilty whose work Skull sold for $3, 600.

Peter Nelson, Extensions of a No- Place (panel 15)
 I love the Firsdraft Fundraiser. There's something amazing about seeing so many people coming together is support of not only the long standing Artist Run Initiative but also in support of the artists and their practice. The atmosphere is vibrant with cheers erupting as work sells for fantastic prices. It's encouraging and oddly comforting. 
Paul Williams, Midnight Snack, 2011


Will French, Going Going Gone, 2012: $410
Di Smith, ARTIST DINNER with Diana Smith, 2012: $70
Newell Harry, Untitled, 2006: $800
Peter Sharp, Stone Shadow, 2002: $320
Kate Scardifield,Untitled (Patterns for Penance) 2012: $450
Emma Wise, wobbelisks (balsa duo) 2012: $270
Eric Niebuhr, Bridge, 2009: $440
Oli Watts, Princess Eugenie's Hat, 2011: $700
Peter Nelson, Extensions of a No-Place (panel 15): $900
Guy Maestri, West Macdonnell Ranges, About 5.30pm: $750
Matthew Bromhead, Community, 2011: $600
Idris Murphy, Minindee Lakes (night drawing)1992: $1000
Charles Dennington, Blue "Vase", 2012: $420
Troy Emery, Beast, 2012: $2,400
Jasper Knight, I Made The Yankee Hat More Famous Than a Yankee Can: $3,000

Greedy Hen, Gnarly Beard

Sarah Contos, (untitled) Mandela Study, 2012

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