Thursday, 30 August 2012

Australia Council launch Art Facts

Yesterday the Australia Council for the Arts launched their new website Art Facts. First cab off the ranks was Music, with the intention of rolling out each artform throughout 2013.

This resource presents statistics in hopefully a more interesting context and brings together facts and research from across the music sector. An important aspect of the new site is the ease with which the information can be shared- with the ability to 'like' it on Facebook and 'mention' it on Twitter- the research is made readily available to a broad audience.

The facts themselves are at times humorous and at times a little disheartening, with Penmonicus on music blog Play/Pause/Play commenting "Overall, the picture painted is what we’ve been trying to say all along: Australians love music but they don’t buy or listen to enough Australian music – and we say it’s because they aren’t exposed to enough."

Art Facts is more than simply a new resource for statistics and facts- it's a conversation starter- and essentially anything that sparks debate within the creative industry is ultimately a good thing. Also, lets' be honest, it's a pub trivia gold mine.

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