Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pardon my absence...

It feels like I've been a bit MIA on the blog front lately  and by way of explanation I thought I'd write a blog post to fill you in on what's been happening behind The Near & The Elsewhere.

At the beginning of June I left my job of four years (with two years off in between when I was in the UK) at the College of Fine Arts and began a new role at the Australia Council for the Arts. I've also started writing on a more regular basis for Art Guide Australia and will try to churn out content for their website every week or so. I was also contacted by the Editor of Australian Art Collector to write a piece for them which is fantastic. So the new job combined with an increase in freelance work has meant that life's been pretty hectic!

This being the first weekend I'm not on deadline I'm endeavouring to dedicate some time to the blog and sort out some shows I'd like to see and line up some more interviews. So stay tuned for new content soon!

Massive thanks to anyone who takes the time to read The Near & The Elsewhere- it's greatly appreciated!
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