Friday, 19 October 2012

A bit of Art & About: Part II

Now I had high hope of seeing more of Art & About -  in particular there was a lot of night things I wanted to see. Unfortunately (& this is my own fault) I didn't read the website close enough to realise that some of the things I wished to see had actually ended. So last night I decided I would see the one thing that was still screeninmg: Last Drinks: One More Round at the Hotel Australia.

'Opened in 1891 to coincide with a tour by French actress Sarah Bernhardt, its first guest, the Hotel Australia continued to play host to a stream of esteemed visitors, including Dame Nellie Melba, Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Shirley Bassey.' Last Drinks pays homage to this bygone era, with the Hotel Australia demolished in 1971 to make way for the MLC Centre. I loved the nostalgia behind this work and the sense of history. That is, I would have loved it,had it been functioning.

Again, now I'm not sure if this was my fault but I wasn't aware that there was an end time for the artwork, and I certainly wouldn't have thought it would have been 8.30pm, especially given with the advent of daylight savings it doesn't get dark until about 7.30/8. Plus, according to the website, it should run from 6-11.30pm. Imagine my disappointment when I saw this.....

With a flashing icon that meantthe DVD player was on, it just wasn't working. Excuse me a moment for feeling this was slightly unacceptable. I understand that these things do happen with public art and technology but really, what are the odds. Perhaps it should be blamed more on my bad luck than the creators of the work who didn't seem to have a Plan B. 

In other news... on my way to Martin Place I came across this on Elizabeth Street...

There were several quite beautifully framed photographs hung over billboard posters and graffiti on a boarded up old store. The backdrop of the posters really added to the work and I loved that it seemed to rebel against this concept of the clean, white walls of the gallery context. 

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