Sunday, 28 October 2012

GUEST POST: Elizabeth Little checks out the Nikon Walkley Awards for Photojournalism

Currently on view in the foyer of the State Library of New South Wales are the finalists of the 2012 Nikon Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism. Presented as part of Art and About, these photographs are a slice of Australian life, and display a world class standard of visual story telling. These are images of sport and recreation, politics and politicians, ordinary daily life and individual dramas. Sam Ruttyn’s photographic essay ‘Josh Carter’ takes us into the life of a small boy and his father, as the child undergoes surgery for a brain tumour. David Kelly finds beauty and grace in synchronised swimming. Brendan Fastier gives us a slice of daily life as seen through the Manly Daily, while Graham Crouch shows us the horror & lasting effects of war.

These days it seems that everyone armed with a smart phone is a photographer. And it’s probably true that most of us have taken the odd great shot, but to do so consistently takes real skill. And to put yourself in places that are not always safe, or normally open to photography, takes real courage and the ability to engender trust in your subjects. 2012 has seen a huge number of jobs in journalism disappear; many of these are the jobs of the photographers. The loss to the recording of Australia’s cultural life will probably be felt for years to come.

You can view the finalists here or at the State Library of NSW til 11 November.

Elizabeth Little has a B. Art Theory (Hons)and M Art Admin, COFA UNSW. She lives and works in Sydney.

All images supplied by the writer.
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