Sunday, 25 November 2012

An owl flew into my office and told me to look for a Bear: Mylyn Nguyen

Mylyn Nguyen
An owl flew into my office and told me to loo for a Bear
Brenda May Gallery: November 13 - December 1, 2012

How the hell does she do that!? Was pretty much my first thought when I saw Mylyn Nguyen's exhibition, An owl flew into my office and told me to loo for a Bear. The artist has created a world of tiny people, a fantasy land of miniatures and paper boats. Using everyday utensils and manipulating them into grassy hills and forests, tiny snails made from ink on paper make their way across  a hill in a ice cream scoop. 

Just as amazing are the creatures made from dirt - octopuses, bears - it's truly extraordinary. I can't even begin to imagine the time and painstaking process it must take to create these other worlds. The tiny creature fishing in the dripping jar is genius. Nguyen's work is truly inspired. 

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