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NAS: Postgraduate exhibition 2012

Mary Soumaher

National Art School Postgraduate Exhibition: November 2 - 10, 2012

I've been really reluctant to write this review about the National Art School Postgraduate Exhibition and I couldn't for the life of me understand why. Today I realised it was simply because I just didn't know where to start. The sheer scale of the exhibition and the amount of exceptional works was overwhelming. So, here goes, my attempt to sum up how freakin' amazing the NAS Postgraduate show really was.

Ceramics and sculptural installations really stood out as being exceptional. To give this piece some semblance of order (and so I don't miss out on anyone) I'll be listing some of my favourites (in no particular order).

Mary Soumaher: the delicate patterns on these beautiful vessels are stunning. I love the high gloss finish and the colour palette utilises deep hues and amazing tones.
Federico Vivarelli Colonna
Federico Vivarelli Colonna: creates amazing wall pieces with nails hammered a wall mount and completely painted. What is great about these works is that they appear completely different when viewed from the side than when viewed front on. The three dimensional aspect sets it apart and I respect the time consuming nature of such a work.
Kiata Mason

Rhys Davis
Rhys Davis: these fantastical creations are out of this world. These mythical creatures are slightly unnerving and remind me slightly of Patricia Piccinini. 
Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst
Gabriella Hirst:this bio-chemistry looking colourful cloud is brilliant. It's made up of tiny coloured trees growing out of petri dishes. The structure is strategically lit by a spotlight, accentuating the varying colours and shadows. Quite simply, this work is absolutely stunning.
Amanda Seddon
Amanda Seddon: her sea-themed rooms are strangely appealing and oddly inviting. The sea creature portraits reminded me of the Ben H. Winters' book, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters - they had a Victorian feel to them. The attention to detail in the rooms was fantastic and there was a part of me that really wanted to redecorate. 

Amanda Seddon

Kate Alstergren
Kate Alstergren: her exceptionally delicate oil on board paintings really have to be seen to be believed - photographs do not do them justice. Primarily white, Alstergren selects a colour to be the standout and uses it to highlight an aspect of the image - the women's eyes, the background of a bubble gum balloon... words aren't enough to adequately explain just how gorgeous these paintings are.   

Kate Astergren
Celina Stang
Ok, so I'm sure I'm missing people out and I have only highlighted a select few that really stood out to me, it's hard as there was so much exceptional talent. Suffice to say, I was fairly impressed and I'm not someone who's easily impressed.

To see more photos of the works I thought were standouts check out the Facebook photo album

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