Saturday, 24 November 2012

Somewhere in Between: Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller
Somewhere in Between
Brenda May Gallery: November 13 - December 1, 2012

Todd Fuller's work tells a narrative. There is the male protagonist who appears as a sad and lost figure, sailing the sea with his red balloon for company. This image is portrayed through beautiful collages and sculptural pieces as well as a short film of animated drawings. 
Todd Fuller, Cut Adrift, 2012
In Cut Adrift the figure appears desolate, his gaping eyes expressing a sense of despair, inside his open suitcase an animated drawing plays on an iPod. The way in which Fuller manages to capture so much emotion through his sculptural figures is exceptional. Even those with suitcases for heads embody an individual persona through their body language and stance.
Todd Fuller, adrift/ Somewhere in Between, 2011, hand drawn film

Todd Fuller, Untitled (adrift 2) 2012
The miniature boat that sits in the centre of the gallery sees the male protagonist sitting in contemplation, his red balloon trailing behind him. This is the physical amalgamation of the collage pieces. The contrast of the red against the browns and blacks emphasises its importance and significance. What is this balloon to the man - his friend, his family or perhaps his sense of self. Fuller's work encapsulates a sense of uncertainty and a longing to fit in, to belong somewhere. Somewhere in Between is a gorgeous exhibition and Fuller continues to impress with his skill and meaningful narrative.
Todd Fuller, 2012

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