Friday, 29 March 2013

The Gin Mill Social

Courtesy of Slide

The Gin Mill Social
Slide: March 28, 2013

Last night I went to the opening of The Gin Mill Social at Slide. Taking its inspiration from the 1920's prohibition era, The Gin Mill Social features live music from the Jordan C Thomas band who offer up swing, jazz and some rockabilly as you feast on platters of food and drink gin punch from tea pots. The staff are decked out in their finest with impromptu performances from a chair balancer and a stunning aerial display of acrobatics.  

Aside from the exceptional food, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the evening was the attention to detail. We entered the venue trough the back entrance that took us down a dimly lit corridor complete with security ensuring no 'illegal' alcohol would be smuggled in. A professional photographer circulated throughout the night and the staff were friendly and enthusiastic - something of a rarity these days. 

The band were hopping and it wasn't long before the crowd were on their feet truly embracing a by-gone era. It was refreshing to see old school dancing to classic tunes and the atmosphere was celebratory - even the staff joined the dance floor near the end of the night increasing the revelry.

Slide is increasingly becoming one of my favourite venues and I wouldn't hesitate to attend The Gin Mill Social again. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long tradition of themed evenings for the venue, as those of us tired of the same old scene are delighted to find something new, stylish and above all utterly entertaining.


Courtesy of Slide

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