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MOP Projects: Special Moves

Arryn Snowball

Arryn Snowball, Christian Flynn, Leah Emery, Julie Fragar, Miles Hall and Jonathan McBurnie (curator)
Special Moves
MOP Projects: April 18 - May 5, 2013

The idea for Special Moves arose from Jonathan McBurnie's postgraduate research into the act of drawing. Working on the idea that drawing is 'an inherently and undeniably human instinct', the art of the drawn line forms the connecting theme throughout this group exhibition. Special Moves aims to demonstrate the enduring importance of drawing in a time where the arts are becoming increasingly digital. While McBurnie both exhibits in and has curated the exhibition, he balks at the use of the word curator, insisting he is too close to the project to have any curatorial distance from it.  

Miles Hall
The work of Christian Flynn is heavily stepped in geometric imagery and bold colour configurations. There is something visually satisfying in the work, the arrangement of colours, shapes and lines join together to form something united and true. Drawing forms the first step in Flynn's process, sort of like a dress rehearsal with painting the main event.

Leah Emery's work explores the line between art and pornography with her miniature embroidery of sexual acts. There are so many layered aspects to this work, the idea of craft, and transforming such a traditional craft like tapestry into a modern context, taking away the innocence of the nature of such traditional work. Then there is the viewers experience of the work, that on first glance you cannot really distinguish the subject matter and that it is only when you are closer that it becomes apparent. Notions of voyeurism and how in this form pornography can be viewed in a public space are evident.

The detail in McBurnie's work commands attention. Describing it as a 'personal Apocalypse', scenes are played out, characters created, all hand drawn with ink and correction fluid. Perhaps here more than in any of the other works in Special Moves we see the skill and philosophies of drawing and it serves as a reminder not to loose sight of the bigger picture and dismiss the traditions and fundamentals of the past.       
Christian Flynn

Miles Hall

Leah Emery

Jonathan McBurnie

Miles Hall

Miles Hall

Christian Flynn

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