Monday, 7 October 2013

John Turier: Cardboard Sword

John Turier, Giant monkey trashes planet, 2013, Mixed media, 44x44x12cm.

John Turier
Cardboard Sword
King Street Gallery on William: September 3 - 28, 2013

A planet made from a cricket ball with nasty teeth, sculptures with handles that beg to be turned. The work of John Turier is whimsical and playful, inciting an almost fable quality through sculpture and kinetic structures. Frequently the artist uses his own likeness in his work, emphasising the fact that he does not take himself, or his art, too seriously. This is why I like it. I am also a fan of any art that invites audience participation. Several of Turier's wall sculptures rely on it. When the handle is turned the work moves, morphs and shifts in ways that not only create fluid movement but mechanical sounds as well.

The mixed media elements and haphazard way with which the sculptures are put together bellies a child-like allure, an innocence far removed from the gallery walls. But this is not the work of a child. Underneath their veiled simplicity is a deep rooted structure that testifies to ever brush stoke and every line.   

There is something infinitely humorous and comical about the work that I find most appealing. It's a rare thing when a work of art can make you smile but Turier achieves it.     

John Turier, Hermosa Tonto, 1999, Mixed media, 45x45x7.5cm and Dynamite Mule, 2013, Mixed media, 45x50x8cm.

Kate lends a hand

John Turier, A Log II, 2013, mixed media sculpture, 25x12x12cm and A Plank, 2013, mixed media sculpture, 25x18x12cm.
John Turier, A Log II, 2013, mixed media sculpture, 25x12x12cm and A Plank, 2013, mixed media sculpture, 25x18x12cm.

John Turier, Round Midnight, 2013, mixed media sculpture, 120x140x29cm.

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