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2013 National Art School Post Graduate Exhibition

Yang-En Hume, Collector's Addiction 

National Art School Post Graduate Exhibition 2013: November 1 - 9, 2013

I love the National Art School end of year shows. There is always such a high caliber of work on display and it instills me with a sense of hope for the future of the arts in Sydney.

Here's a few of the stand-outs.

Yang-En Hume, Collector's Addiction
The work of Yang-En Hume is quite off-putting.  Dolls heads stare vacantly back at you, some illuminated by lighting, a strange sense of life apparent even though there is no life to be seen. Reminiscent of a collectors dusty, old study with specimen jars, you might think a work like this can't possibly be considered beautiful. Perhaps it's not, not in any traditional sense anyway, but it's intriguing and and a bit unnerving, which is a beautiful thing.  
Yang-En Hume, Collector's Addiction

Yang-En Hume, Collector's Addiction

Montana Maree Miller, Once Upon a Suburban Rum and New Year's Eve

Montana Maree Miller, A Trotter In a Bottle Equals Two on a Tall Ship

Meredith Birrell, Archive
Perhaps my favourite work, Meredith Birrell's documentation of her Grandmother demonstrates skill and an attachment that cannot be forged. The table full of old photographs map out a life while the large scale paintings attempt to represent it. The blurred and obstructed quality of these paintings alludes to an inability to see the past clearly, of ideas and people being just out of reach. I love the sense of nostalgia and family. Of lives lived and more importantly - remembered. It's documentation and preservation taking the form of a visual archive. 
Meredith Birrell, Grandmother Series-Untitled 4

Meredith Birrell, Archive

Meredith Birrell, Grandmother Series-Untitled 4

Meredith Birrell, Archive

Meredith Birrell, Grandmother Series-Untitled 4

Meredith Birrell, Grandmother Series-Untitled 4

Meredith Birrell, Grandmother Series-Untitled 3

Ruth Li, and the sea parted
The colours in Ruth Li's ceramics are exceptional, as is the perfect finish and smooth lines. The unique shapes transform functional items into works of art. In particular Experiment IX is brilliant. The test tubes are clever and strangely beautiful. The dark blue tones in Matthew 5:14 are stunning. Li's work is incredibly tactile with the urge to run your hands over its smooth lines almost too strong to resist.  
Ruth Li, Experiment II

Ruth Li, Matthew 5:14

Ruth Li, Matthew 5:14

Ruth Li, Experiment IX

Ruth Li, Genesis I

Ruth Li, Psalm 18

Mason Kimber, Sill 96

Mason Kimber, Sill 90

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  1. Thank you for your great review Naomi, lovely to have your support for our show. I'm thrilled that you totally understood my work too.