Thursday, 15 October 2015

Frances Barrett, The Wrestle, 2015. Photo: Zan Wimberley. Courtesy of 4A.

48HR Incident at 4A Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art saw artists from Australia, Asia and the Pacific inhabit the gallery space in varying degrees over the course of three days. With the aim of challenging pre-existing social frameworks of the individual in relation to the group, I admired the overarching set-up and concept of 48HR Incident. Over the course of the three days the gallery remained open late and the fact that audience members could wander in and out at will and see exceptional performance work at all hour of the night gave a sense of freedom and spontaneity not often associated with galleries. I managed to see three works over the course of the exhibition - Latai Taumoepeau’s Dark Continent, Frances Barrett’s The Wrestle and Tony Schwensen’s SCABLAND

Read the full article on the AU review.

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